DDMG Communications is the go-to PR firm for companies looking for a communications strategy for their products or services.


Why come to us?


  • For the nationwide network of relationships we cultivate, and for our insight with regards to current market trends.
  • For our passion, our drive, and our openness to the world.
  • Most of all, for our approachability, our values, and our vision that places client satisfaction and impeccable work at the centre of all our decisions.


Thanks to our experience and dedication, we provide exceptional services to major companies across Canada. Every day, DDMG Communications strives to surpass itself to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.




Analysis, Counselling and Strategic Planning


Our vast experience allows us to develop strategies that are perfectly in line with our clients’ objectives. Our extensive knowledge of the market and exceptional relationships with media and influencers serve as the foundation for planning and developing compelling campaigns for our clients.


Press Relations


DDMG Communications is renowned for its well-established, long-standing relationships with traditional media and influencers, not only in Québec but across Canada. This is our firm’s key strength, as it provides clients with opportunities for outstanding visibility and brand awareness.


Social Media


In this era of all things digital, we are acutely aware of the growing importance of conveying messages on a variety of platforms. Our expertise and drive allow us to provide our clients with visibility and commitment on social networks directly connected to their target markets.


Event Planning


We are passionate and committed to producing exceptional results and optimal impact for our clients. Over the course of the years, DDMG Communications has distinguished itself through its organizational skills and ability to meet challenges and identify opportunities. This is what makes us the right choice to plan and execute turnkey events that will make your brand shine.


Impact Analysis


At DDMG, we understand the importance of quantifiable results. That is why we prioritize detailed reporting and assessments, allowing our clients to better understand results and return on investment as they pertain to our communications initiatives.


Content integration (paid and earned)


The creation, integration and distribution of branded content shape the current media landscape. We understand the importance of strategy and content placement, both editorial and sponsored, and work directly with our clients and advertising agencies to maximize the outreach and awareness of each campaign, project and client.